eCommerce is dominating the retail industry now and will continue to do so in the future. With an increasing use of Internet, people are purchasing from online more than ever.


Is your eCommerce website capable to yield maximum profit for your business??? Are you sure your website will not kill your business???

Have a look at the common mistakes …..

1. Choosing the Wrong Platform

The eCommerce platform is not a tiny market any more, there are thousands of options available. To find the right platform, consider the following things—

Product Type
Stock Size
Payment Method
Self-hosted or Hosted
Payment Plan

2. Not Having a Responsive Website

More and more people are searching and shopping through mobile devices. In-fact, 57% of customers will not recommend site which are poorly designed.

3. Site is Secured or Not Secured???

If your site is not secured users will not get back to you for your products.When it comes to eCommerce security, the strongest method is SSL with public key encryption.

4. No Search Capability

Implement a better search solution to convert your customers into Leads.

5.Poor Images

Images which are large with photo description view able on mouse over increases sales. It is also important to show your image in different angles. It is important to check the zoom in and zoom out options and see to it , it works well on smartphones.

6. Not Having Unique Product Description

E-commerce Retailers copy the product description directly from the manufacturer’s website, which is a big mistake. Adding unique description not only helps you to stand alone from your competitors, but also helps you to rank high.

7.Lack of Shipping and Warranty Information

It is important to offer multiple shipping options for an over-night delivery or an cost effective option. A detailed information about the warranty must be provided which is easily understood by the customer.We,Bytesflow, eCommerce web development company located in Chennai, is here for you to assist you in building strong and friendly websites for your Business.

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