Trust is the most important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. Creditable websites which can be trusted get better ranking than websites which are uncertain. Google does not want to show low quality websites in the search results.
This is the main reason you need to convince Google that your business in trustworthy and your website can be trusted.

A trustworthy Domain is needed

A domain which is old without any spam history usually gets better ranking than brand new domains. If you are able to buy domains which were used for similar businesses before, your business might get benefited.
Avoid using exotic top level domains for your business. Use the official top level domain of your country.
Make sure you own and renew your domain for 2 years to show search engines that the domain is not a throwaway domain.
Avoid using hyphen in your domain. It makes your domain look spammy.

A trustworthy website is needed

A trustworthy website always has easy to find contact info. A bogus website does not have any contact info or else they hide it. Make your contact info easy to find and list your full address on your website.
The more information about your company can be found on your website, the more likely it is that it will be considered a real business.

Trustworthy Links are needed

Even of your domain is new, Google will trust your website if it has many links from other reputable domains.
Low quality links will damage your ranking, links from high quality sites will have a positive influence on the Google rankings of your site.

If Google trusts your website then it will be much easier to get high rankings. Of course, your website still needs optimized web page content and good links.

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