Mobile apps are driving the current era as the number of users are now in many billions. Mobile apps are also one of the primary ways of income for a plethora of firms. Perhaps, something was missing in the smartphone space years back which is now achieved. Mainly the food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, Lieferando are rockstars.

Be it gaming, e-commerce, fitness, or books, companies are making enough money using the power and potential of the internet. Apparently, using instant food delivery apps which not only helps in satisfying your taste buds also saves a lot of time which is spent on cooking and gathering.

On demand apps

Order focused platform apps and full-service platform apps are gearing up the trend. Logistic focused platform apps mostly encompass the food delivery services apps. This lets the customers click and choose from a bunch of restaurants, and order favorite meals to be delivered till home.

However, the food delivery app combines both the restaurants that provide food and logistic services that deliver food right at the doorstep. Also links to the payment gateway services which completely looks after online money transactions.

Thumbs up

These on-demand food delivery apps are not only enticing the foodies but a vast size of restaurant owners who are eagerly striving to be a part of these apps. And why not? This way they are word-mouthing and marketing their approach to a variety of users. Cost-free advertising, listing, and extra revenue is something every business owner craves for.  

There are several food delivery apps in the app stores but not each one is as popular as the lieferando clone.


After performing enough observation, we observed down a list of inabilities in the slumped apps. This will obviously spotlight on the essential features that make up a victorious food delivery app.

Best mobile app development companies strongly recommend the following features to be embodied in any on-demand food delivery app.


Primary features

Your lieferando clone app must encompass the list, open hours, rating, prices, locations, and menus of almost all the restaurant apps that are part of you. The navigation must be easy and must have a search tab that helps users search in an effective way.


An in-app payment feature is primary! Without it, your app can only barely live to the fullest. Cash on Delivery (COD) must be an added advantage. Preferably, integrate your app with Stripe, Braintree, or PayPal as your payment system. 

However, a good number of smartphone users are encouraged to pay upfront.  It would be great if the online payment is let go through all forms of transactions.  


Online shoppers expect an extra all the time and they usually become very resistive after placing an order online from your Lieferando clone app. They look for instant services. Considering they order their favorite food, it becomes insanely impossible for them to wait. Hence comes the necessity of a feature that acknowledges users about (EST).


By introducing a location tracking feature in your Lieferando clone, it becomes extremely simple to roughly calculate the food delivery time to the user’s doorstep. Also, it will save a great deal of time. Simultaneously, let users submit reviews and ratings. Adding the review and rating features will pay off later and also will ameliorate the organic ranking of restaurants.

Bottom Line

Don’t lose a chance to give a boost in your business and it deserves. In the era of smartphone applications, own a food delivery app for your business too. The cost of application development depends on many factors. It includes the features that you add, platform dependency, personalization, and so on. 

Online food delivery business is really a lucrative idea as so many success stories are evident in real life. If you wish to develop your food delivery app which is enhanced with new innovative technology, contact us and our in house professionals can give you their support.

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