Each and every day there are lots of trends coming up in the field of website designing.There is lots more creativity which we can add to our site.

1.Responsive Web Design

There are lot of Website Designers who are not aware of Responsive web design or they don’t take this concept seriously. The continues adoption of more an more mobile devices is what will will make more responsive web site.Web designers and developers will move to the use of fluid layouts instead fixed width sites will find their way into many more stylesheets – allowing more sites to easily be viewed across multiple screens sizes and devices.

2.Fixed-Position Navigation

Proper Navigation can dramatically improve website performance and even blend into the overall page layout with ease. The concept idea is to keep the navbar and internal links/logo locked in place as your visitors scroll through the content.


Design circles and shapes without the need for any images. The impact of these features has caused designers to look at photos in another light entirely. These archetypes can be setup as navigation links, footer icons, or even displaying important portfolio work.

4.Multi -Column Menus

This concept can be used when a website consists of too many links to handle.The standard type of navigation gets too messy and congested unless you move links into the sidebar.This trends offers designers a new chance at rebuilding.

5.Jquery/CSS/HTML5 Animation

A website must have fancy aesthetics and bonus animations and this can be develop using JQuery or CSS.jQuery library as well as CSS3 specifications allow for some really outstanding effects with much fewer lines of code than ever before.

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