There are some important SEO factors that are influenced by the way the site is built , such as wireframes, information architecture, design, and development practices.Time to jump in and get started by optimizing your site with the following:

1.Use keywords in your URL

Ensure your file-naming conventions make good use of your keywords .

2.Include targeted content on every page

Each page should contain two to three paragraphs of descriptive, keyword-rich body text.

3.Place the keywords at the right place

CSS can be used to visually position the text wherever you want it, while making it appear higher up in the code for search engines.

4.Use Header Tags

If a page heading or title contains a keyword, it should ideally be text. If possible, use the important keyword in an H1 tag and a secondary keyword in a H2 tag.

5.Add ALT text for all images

This is an opportunity to tell search engines what the page is all about. All images should have alt tags, including logos, headings and photos.

6.Create clean and valid code

Search engines appear to prefer code that is lighter, cleaner, simpler, more semantically defined, and in line with W3C Standard. CSS can help you achieve this.

7.Avoid frames-based Web design

Frames and inline frames (iframes) generally make it difficult for search engines to crawl Web sites.

8.Limit HTML file size.

Limit the size of the HTML file and avoid unnecessary code.

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