With a tap or clicks on the mobile phone, the hustling technology has completely replaced the days of hailing the taxi by shouting or waving hands by the new taxi dispatch software that allows booking the taxi on the go.


‘Call me a taxi’, in the 21st century has changed to ‘App a taxi’. The interaction between drivers and passengers are now virtual and everybody is looking for rapid mobility services. Investing in taxi app development to build a mobile booking channel is has become a critical business decision for taxi operators.

When the realisation kicked in we at, Bytesflow happily launches it’s well designed taxi hailing app. We make sure it is understood that the augmentation of any business is to embrace the new technologies. In the age of smartphones, not having a mobile booking channel will have a huge opportunity cost.


Even in a small fleet of about twenty-five cars, our mobile app can take your business beyond the conventional. Some of the advantages of having our app for your taxi business can be enlisted as below:


  • Taxi requesting will be hassle free for customers who are looking for taxi, simply they can place an order for taxi request and make their travel at the instance.
  • Required clients will be positioned via GPS with their smartphones, so drivers can get the nearest clients, this saves time and fuel.
  • Mobile apps integrated in the Smartphones of drivers will notifies their exact location to their managers.
  • Knowing the drivers exact location ,smart route planning can be done and drivers can be assigned to nearby customer location, thus improves customer service.
  • Eliminates all paper based works by replacing with instant mobile reports and reduces time consumption in reporting.
  • Real-time insight enhances customer, and managers were able to track deliveries each time they arrived at a key destination and reaching time along with overall distance travelled time.
  • Helps to monitor driver behavior in travelling and also to identify issues when they arise, even problems can be predicted before they happen.
  • Mobile apps for taxis will be convenient and easy-to-use solution that will optimize proper pick up and drop information, record keeping, time tracking and more.


Oh, also we take care of your other web, content, marketing solutions with a variety of services we provide. To learn more about our app, check this (landing page link) out. If you run a taxi booking business, and having queries related to white label solutions for taxi dispatch, online taxi booking system or how much does it cost to create a taxi reservation app?


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