Restaurant owners are always searching for new and fresh restaurant promotion ideas that will attract new customers. There is no justification for a reduced number of customers and lack of initiative in the segment of marketing. Planning off your restaurant promotion ideas after successfully creating an app may take some time, but trust me the work will certainly pay off. There are plenty of online and offline methods of restaurant marketing. In this blog we will discuss some effective ways on how you can promote your restaurant business through your app and increase profit. Most of them are affordable and easy to implement.


1. Visit companies in your neighborhood


Many owners forget about the companies and startups that surrounding their restaurant and are very important potential customers, especially during the lunch hour.</p?

For a start, select some target companies and groups from your neighborhood and plan an automated meal delivery for them through your app. Personal contact with potential customers is very important. Introduce your restaurant app to the managers and directors and make a stimulating offer for them when they make a subscription or orders through your app.


2. Online slot reservation


There are plenty of restaurant apps that connect users with the closest restaurants and provide them with the required details to reserve the table. Various active restaurants, through online registration, are connected to such requests.

Enabling this feature through your app to the end users to book their slots or determine the availability reduces traffic congestion in front of restaurants.


3. Location – based deals



This is a relatively new feature which can help you to increase your restaurant sales. Send a push notification to a customer who is near your restaurant. By this you can tempt and lure your customers by offering deals that they can’t refuse.


4. Online presence, especially on social media



No matter what kind of restaurant app you have created, it is critical to have an active online presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep on going ahead with the changing trends. It attracts large numbers of people in a short time span provided effective online marketing be done. It also enhances brand value and its image. Moreover, many people get to know about new restaurants on online platforms only. Therefore, it is a must for every restaurant to have an aggressive online presence. It also allows them to interact with customers directly and respond to their feedback.


5. 10% Off On Delivery


For your restaurant promotion ideas we should not forget about a special 30 day, 10% discount on delivery. This is quite sufficient for a target company or group to get interested.


6. Build Your Customers Database


Try to get emails of your potential customers that you can send push notifications on daily offers and specials. Send the offers in the morning and certainly before noon when lunch hour has already begun. Don’t forget to put some tasty pictures and water mouth descriptions of offered food and drinks. When you build customers database you get the best tool for direct marketing strategies for your restaurant promotion.


7. Happy Hour In Your Restaurant


This promotion is intended to boost business during slow hours in a day. Happy hour is usually in a late afternoon Monday through Thursday, and often taking place at some period between 4 PM and 8 PM. In most cases the “happy hour” lasts longer than one hour. Let your customers enjoy happy hour food and drinks prices after a long working day! Make a happy hour menu with half-price food lists, side dishes and your guests would happily pay and eat much more.


8. Use Sports Season For Restaurant Promotion Ideas


Use various sporting seasons as a good way to get customers into your restaurant. Make a menu with a special offer during the season or free delivery. Make a dinner discounts or organize different parties like super bowl party in your restaurant or bar. Also, you can give sports names to some of your dishes or drinks from the menu list, even funny once. Don’t forget to send these to customers and maintain a separate column in your app to show these innovative ideas. Lure people to eat in your restaurant instead of staying in the house during a match.


9. Promote gigs and shows through your app


If you want to attract young people in your restaurant you need to give them more than great food.Millennials read a lot of shared thoughts and comments about your restaurant on social media channels or portals like yelp or open table. To get their reaction, you need to work hard to give them customers experience which they will remember in a positive way and share it with their friends. This means Great food, Great service, Good prices, Nice atmosphere, Good music, Clean toilette along with creative shows, standups and events. Satisfy guests will usually become your regular guest. Promote these special events through your app and while people are enjoying the show, they will be enjoying your recipes as well.


10. Loyalty programs


Loyalty programs are like killing two birds with a single stone. It helps in retaining your existing customers and attracting new ones. According to a study 65% of customers are likely to download your app if you provide them with exclusive offers periodically. You can offer schemes like discounts on every 5th or 10th visit which would help in retaining existing customers. On the other hand, introducing discounts on first five orders will attract new customers. Loyalty programs on apps are far more effective than the traditional ones because they’ve got a personal touch to it.


11. Online promotion through ‘check in’ apps


Restaurants also give these customers an additional feature using which they can let their friends know where they are through mobile applications like Foursquare. It attracts many customers towards the restaurant as they get to know its name and it also acts as a real-time recommendation.


12. Have an answer for every question


Answering tons of questions from your customers is a usual thing for you and your staff. A mobile app can help you to answer all the questions of your customers. Mostly the questions asked by the customers are common which and you can answer with the help of a FAQ section. Apart from that you can include short information at every stage which would help your customers to understand about your services in an efficient manner.


13. Online reviews and ratings


These days, end users are allowed to give their feedback or opinions about restaurants’ services on websites like Zomato, Gayot, Dine, and Yelp. Often, customers prefer to view a particular restaurant’s rating or reviews on such websites to decide whether they want to visit there or not. If you are rated well on one of these websites then the chances are high that people will visit your restaurant once, at least. So, make sure you give this feature to your customers inside your app.

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