Pages with good content would get great inbound links and get about 70% of the importance of ranking and only 30% on content.Few points to consider to overcome your competitor to rank in GOOGLE.

1) Anchor Text

Anchor text is the clickable word or words that make up the hyperlink.Google figures any words special enough to be used as a guide in a link are extra valuable, which makes anchor text extremely important for you to use properly.

2) Build Linking Consistency

Most people don’t realize that even though and lead to the same Wikipedia homepage, they are seen as two different links by Google. Let’s take it a step further. If you keep the “www” and lose the “http”, you have another link that goes to the same place but is treated as unique by Google.

3) Page Rank Leads to Page Rank

Google’s PageRank algorithm can make or break your search engine optimization efforts and plays a big part in your eventual Webpage rankings. So PageRank and page rank? Here’s a tip to end the confusion. When you see the single word “PageRank” it is referring to a trademarked name that Google owns. PageRank is a unit of measurement that Google developed, and uses to determine the value of a Webpage. When you see the words “page rank” we are merely talking about how a Webpage ranks, or is positioned on a search engine for a given keyword.

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