Every Business today allots a certain capital every year to build or update their eCommerce website to sell their products and services . But they are not aware of how well their products will sell and how will the website can convert visitors into sales.

Many Business owners wonder, In spite of having such a marvelous website why they are not able to reach out in the market.

When you decide to build an website make sure you avoid these design mistakes:

1. Too many images without description

E-commerce Website usually contains lot of images when compared to other Websites. It contains images of the products they sell. Users would like to see more information of the product like Specification, Dimension , Warranty etc along with the image of the product. A good ecommerce website must contain a perfect image with information related to that image in order to satisfy the customer.

2. Avoid Too Many Choices

Users would like to see limited choices for a particular product, so that it is easy for them to choice among the few. Business owners feel providing more choices like a rack in the supermarket will attract the customers. But by doing this the customer gets confused and irritated. Avoid giving too many choices. Stick to those choices which you feel will be best for the user and at the same time profitable for your business.

3. Avoid using Excessive Dynamic Elements in the Pages

Using excessive dynamic elements in the website will be appealing, but using it can slow down the loading of the pages considerably.

As we know if your sites loading time is high, your business will suffer a lot which will directly affect your conversion rates.

4. Mismanagement of Concurrent Traffic

E-Commerce website design company in India spend huge amount of money in purchasing extra server space and other features , but they forget about the effect of concurrent traffic on the site’s performance.

Concurrent Traffic is nothing but, keeping a track on the number of visitors to your site on a weekend or during the vacation period.

Plan for such peak traffic and arrange the appropriate bandwidth at the right time.

5. Poor multiple Browser Compatibility

The biggest mistake every eCommerce Firm does is, designing a website for a single browser. They usually design website which is compatible with Internet Explorer, which is the dominant browser used by majority of users around the world, but there are fair number of users who use Firefox and Chrome.

When you design a website make sure it is compatible with all browsers. If you fail to do so, you will miss the clients who access your site from other browsers.

6. Mobile-Friendly

The most important feature of today’s eCommerce business is having a mobile version of your website. The number of people using Mobile devices has considerably increased. Not having a mobile-friendly site would gain harm your business.

Images on your site must be re-sizable according to the device used.

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