If you think back 10 to 15 years ago, Have you imagined about online shopping, purchasing the products you like at your finger tips???

In this highly technological world, the importance of online retail is increasing…..

Now it is possible to purchase any products ranging from Smartphones to Clothes, Groceries etc from any where in the country and it is delivered at your doorsteps in no time.

Purchasing products through Smartphones have drastically increased down the line. Days are gone when people use their desktops for shopping.

A wide variety of products are available in today’s online market .. To name a few

2. Music
3. Computer Hardware
4. Foot Wear
5. Car Parts
5. Hardware Tools
6. Kitchen Utensils
7. Cosmetics
8. Health Supplements

and what not…… the list goes on and on….

When you get all these products very easily, why would any one wait in a long queue to get one . You get wide range of discounts on various products .

According to Bryan nelson, industry head at Google SA, “If you are an E-commerce player and you have no mobile strategy or no idea what your going to do with the mobile platform, then chances are your business has already been left behind”.

Google Searches on mobile devices are exceeding that of desktops, mobile strategy cannot be ignored.
If companies want to keep up with their competitors, mobile strategy is a must to give a better user experience to their customers, which will be profitable to the company.

Key Success to online Retails:
1. Convenience
2. Increased ease of use
3. Instant Access

The migration to mobile browsing and shopping has triggered the development of mobile payment facilities which provide security, convenience and speed of payment online.

Have you were imagined how the electronic world of shopping could look like for consumers and business in the future??

Read Global E-Tailing 2025 study which describes how electronic shopping will change the lives of people….

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