Speed is the main ingredient in Web Design than anything else. Expectation of today’s users has gone so high when they search a website. Your site visitors except your website to be super fast, and if you don,t give what they want they will just leave and go to someone else who can offer them super fast site.

The trend now is heading towards fast and super fast websites.

Some data recorded down the line

1. 47% of users want your site to load within 2 seconds or less(According to Akamai Study)

2. E-commerce users want the site to load within 2 seconds, but Google recommends less than half a sec( According to Google Web Masters Tools)

3. 57% of users will leave a mobile site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Design of your Website

Design your website as simple as possible with fewer elements. If your site is designed with fewer elements, it will automatically increase your speed.

Plan and decide how you can design your site effectively, yet keeping in find it does not affect the speed .

Designers must stick to the rule minimalism.

Features of Minimalism:
1.More white or negative space
2. Simple and short web forms
3. Smaller Images
4. Single Font

A Helping Hand from GOOGLE

Google wants your site to be faster. This would over all help the Internet to be fast. Google uses its compression technology named “Brotli”. Why don,t we use this tool that Google is offering for Web Designers?
One of the best tools Google offers is PageSpeed Insights, where you can get a detailed information on why your site is slow.

Optimizing your Servers

An important aspect of making your site super fast is how you handle your servers.Your server response time is how long it takes for your server to respond to a browser request.

The above methods would help you to design a website which would run faster. We at Bytesflow Technologies will help you to design very simple , yet effective websites which would be faster and fulfill all your requirements.Have a look at our Web Design India Portfolio here

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