Food ordering apps are solving a big problem in today’s world by helping the users get their favorite food they want, at the comfort of their home, without wasting time going out to a restaurant, cooking it themselves or leaving from office. The ability to have a digital menu from various restaurants near you and be able to choose a dish from this large variety makes food ordering apps very popular, especially with the people who work office jobs. Many apps like Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats are ruling the market and so the birth of their clones like UberEats clone, Swiggy clone and what not.

There are many reasons, why food delivery apps are getting a major hit, even in such times of pandemic, wherein many businesses are falling apart. The right strategies and design will make the ideas fly higher for a massive success. Let’s have a quick look about what should be a great UberEats clone app should be made of.


To make your UberEats clone app popular, you would either be in a geographical zone where there aren’t such apps, and you find an increase in the target demographics usual cities with big universities. Or spend a lot of money on advertising.

Most of those apps spend a huge budget on advertising to acquire new users, sometimes the big companies also buy other small companies in the same business to take away their market share.

Ordering process

Finding what to eat is a task handled by the main screen of the app, where one can filter and search for the right food, afterwards, redirected to a restaurant for personalizing the product. The restaurant is responsible for showing you a picture of the product as well as some details, unfortunately, all the analyzed apps lacked all or multiple of the following details:

In addition to this, user can get a time estimate for the delivery, a breakdown of the costs, and the ability to pay with either credit cards, cash, or technologies like Apple Pay and Google Pay.


best ubereats clone

Your UberEats clone should allow at a bare minimum to order your favorite dish from a restaurant nearby and to do that in an easy, straight-forward way. Other must-have features include easy sign-up, and it should be delayed to the moment when the app must know all that information, the ability to search a restaurant or a dish, filtering of restaurants, option to add instructions for the restaurant staff, order status and ETA’s order history and should have a fast, friendly, and helpful customer service

Needless to say that those features would need to be implemented in a way that the user will experience a consistent, lag-free, and eye-candy manner.

Must haves

Allowing multiple users, the order food in one single order delivered to one location would be something that the users would love. The users shouldn’t be allowed to modify the order after the restaurant has sent it, however allowing this to happen in a certain time frame, before the food is shipped would be a great enhancement to the status quo.

The user’s don’t wish to have to have multiple different food apps installed, finding the right balance between diversity, costs, brand awareness, and quality is always a hard task. Your Ubereats clone app must serve them all the needs of food ordering.


Being in the food delivery business is just like in any other business, you would either have to be well-founded or a market that allows it to easily grow. The good news is there is still room for improvement and new ideas. Visit us, to get an amazing food delivery app developed for your restaurant business.


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