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“ ClickShare allows any of the 33 operators in the Crisis Chamber to wirelessly share content from their computer or mobile device onto the video wall; at the click of a button. ClickShare truly speeds up collaboration and analysis.”

Clickshare wireless presenting system

No cables, no lengthy set-ups, no awkward moments.

ClickShare lets you walk into any meeting room and share what you need to, no matter which device it’s on – no cable, no set-up and no awkward moments. Anyone – including guests – can connect with one click and share straight away. So, meetings start and end on time.

  • Start on time without stress
  • No installation just connect your device and go
  • No technical hiccubs always an optimal resolution
  • No messy cables

Trouble-free presenting

You’re working with clients and you need their input. But sharing on meeting room displays means downloading software, finding the right connection and trusting that technology won’t let you down. ClickShare connects wirelessly from PC’s, Macs and mobile devices, giving colleagues and guests the freedom to share instantly. There’s no need for instruction, network log-in or technical support. You simply click, connect and share. And you know you can rely on it in the long term because ClickShare is guaranteed for up to 3 years, with the option to extend to 5 years

Works on ios and android

The ClickShare app allows for simple and intuitive content sharing with a click of the virtual Button from any iOS or Android device. This app enables users to easily share, annotate and save pdf, jpeg images or Microsoft Office Docs to the central meeting room screen in the same way as the traditional ClickShare Button. Download the ClickShare app for free from Apple Store or Google Play, click the virtual Button and you are ready to share your content.

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