Online e-commerce, website creation, social network visits are common platforms where people connect on different levels. From setting up stores for e-commerce purposes to buying and selling of products online, in the recent years, there has been an increase in the interaction of people on the whole in social media and other common websites or ecommerce stores. But major growth can be seen in the buying and selling marketplace platform where an estimate close to 450 million people visit buy and sell groups every month. Offlate, the concept of buying and selling marketplace has invited a good load of the audience. The marketplace is where you will have access to purchase the items you’ve been wanting for a long time. The options and features which tagline with this concept will keep expanding as new ideas and areas of interests pile up.

How does the Buy & Sell Marketplace work?

  • Has an interface which has the images of the items, people near around you have put up for sale
  • Get your accessories filtered using the filter option, which ranges from household items to apparels to electronic gadgets.
  • There is also a location tool which is inbuilt in the buy and sell marketplace script which will limit your searches to the region around your location
  • Choose the image you want to purchase and click on it to get more details on the same like seller details, guarantee period, costs at different levels. Etc
  • Items which have been finalized to be purchased can be selected and a direct message which will be sent to the seller who owns the product.
  • If you want to sell an item, take an image of it, give it the apt description, tag along with the location at which it is available, finally give in your contact details.

Advantages of Buy and Sell Marketplace

1. Choose your customizable options

Depending on the type of industry you want to set up, you can get the customization part set up on par with your ideas.

2. Availability of platforms

Irrespective of the OS – Windows, Apple or Android, a buy and sell marketplace script can be written and launched on any device.

3. Multiple features availability

The wide arena of options and features that can be joined with the buy and sell script are very high. From product listings to finally sorting the lists, the features which you want to focus on can be scripted.

4. Product Search

There’s an option for quick product search which is split into a plethora of categories: Keyword Searching You can navigate to the product you want by just using a common phrase or typing the name of the item you want to purchase, in the search engine. Category Searching If you are looking to buy a branded item, all you have to do is categorize the model name and then start searching. Price Range Searching Using the dynamic price slider, the minimum and maximum cost for the products can be fixed Bookmark Searching Your search preferences can be bookmarked and can be used for future references which will save your time. Additionally there are more attributes and features that exists within the scripts tailored for buy and sell marketplace. Are you looking to get your own buying and selling marketplace store setup? Get in touch with Bytesflow, for we have ready made scripts for the same and with the addition to that, we track the seller response to the offers asked for and offer complete installation & development support end-to-end.
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