1. The Online Audience

We are living in the world of Internet Era , where everything need’s to be handy and available everywhere. The usage of Internet is growing day to day. Every other business is now present online , to reach their targeted audience. For Checking mails to updating in Facebook , people are looking for Services, Entertainment and Products.

2.No usage of Phone Directories

People are using Search Engines to research and find what their looking for and make online transactions in a secured and effective way. In this digital world not have a website is similar to not having a telephone.

3. Bare in mind your Competitors  have a better looking Website

When ever you decide to build a website for your business, have a look at your competitor who own’s a website. You need to build a website more powerful which is of better quality to stay in the web market and increase your revenue.

4.Your Existing Customers will refer you

If you gain the confidence of your present customers , they would share your website link to others which in turn will help you.

5. Your website is Cost Effective

When you place an Ad for your company in a News paper, it will be seen and thrown a way. If you pay for your Ad to be displayed, you will need to pay for it every month or every year. The most cost effective way to build up your business is by having a GOOD WEBSITE.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics will help you to check the number of visitors to your website, where they are coming from and what they need. Tracking this will help to use your marketing skills effectively.

7. Reduce Customer Service Cost

If you have a website your contact information and the map/direction to reach you is available 24/7. This will help to reduce human error.

8. Websites are Updated

A Website once created can be updated any time and reach more people.

9. Healthy Relationship with Customers

Through your website you can frequently answer your clients questions and help them when needed. This will lead to more trust and there by increase your sales.

10. Credibility

Your website being Trustworthy, Powerful and of best Quality will leave a strong impression on your work and professionalism.

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